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You already know cleansing with BluePrint™ is easy. Now, BluePrint's mobile app is here to support your healthy life style every step of the way. Find rich resources of wellness and nutrition for before, during and after a cleanse, plus facts and figures to motivate you while cleansing. Stay on track. Work Hard. Play Hard. Cleanse. Repeat. ®

Customize: Set your daily cleanse schedule by simply entering your wake and sleep times and we can take it from there. Did you snooze through your alarm? Not to worry – juices can physically slide along schedule in your dashboard to fit your unique life.

We Know You’re Busy: The calendar page helps you schedule your cleanse around your commitments, not vice-versa.

Can’t Keep Track?: The countdown clock helps the too-busy-to-eat-lunch-type remember when to drink juice.

Maintain: Features delicious BluePrint™ recipes that are accessible anytime to keep you heading in the right direction.

You’re never alone!: “Help” section provides tips and tricks for everything from pre/during/post-cleanse routines, cheat sheet items and FAQs.

Losing your spark?: Inspirational quotes and images will be unlocked as you progress during the green journey. Go ahead, share them on social media, let your friends know what they have been missing.

We’re with you every step of the way: Nutritional facts and encouragement will be sent to you via push notifications.