Fullstack Engineer / VP of Engineering

2016 – 2018

Open Project

I'm no longer working at foodboss.

What is foodboss?

foodboss is a food delivery comparison website, attempting to find you the best delivery deals for a given restaurant.

My Role - Fullstack Engineer / VP of Engineering

Our tech team consisted of anywhere from 3 to 5 people depending on the time frame. I started at foodboss as the only iOS engineer, working on a Swift native iOS application (this app was slick!).

Over time, more emphasis was placed on the website and we went through a slight pivot/re-working of the how the application functioned. I shifted off the native mobile app to help on the redesign/slight-pivot. The frontend was developed with React and the backend was powered by the hapijs framework.

The native mobile app was eventually scrapped for a React Native Expo application, which was my focus following the finalization of the new website MVP (minimum viable product). The React Native App shipped a few weeks later on Android and iOS.

There was never a big emphasis on the React Native app (rightfully so, due to the lack of users), so development was focused on the website frontend, backend, and our scraper pipeline.

My main focus continued to be working on the frontend, backend, sometimes dipping into the scraping pipeline if needed. Much of my time was spent writing React, Redux, code reviews, API endpoints, Postgres SQL queries (optimized our text search query from 2000ms+ to 500-600ms during my time there).

I also wrote a JavaScript CLI to cut down the time spent expanding our scrapers to a new region from a potential full day or more of work/monitoring to roughly 10 minutes. The CLI was created to automate a lot of the manual work involved in generating and verifying a region's grid points, which was required to expand our services to a new geographical region.